Obama Administration Not Happy With Israel Criticizing John Kerry

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And I am sure they are brokenhearted…  It seems like there is little these days to lessen America’s collective IQ that another day of Jen Psaki.

From ynetnews:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration pushed back strongly Monday at a torrent of Israeli criticism over Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest bid to secure a cease-fire with Hamas, accusing some in Israel of launching a “misinformation campaign”against the top American diplomat.

 “It’s simply not the way partners and allies treat each other,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

 Her comments were echoed by the White House, where officials said they were disappointed by Israeli reports that cast Kerry’s efforts to negotiate a cease-fire as more favorable to Hamas.

 “Israel has no better friend, no stronger defender than John Kerry,” said Tony Blinken, President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser. He said the criticism of Kerry was based on “people leaking things that are either misinformed or attempting to misinform.”

 The coordinated pushback came amid growing US frustration with the number of Palestinian civilian casualties as Israel wages an air and ground war in the Gaza Strip. Obama and Kerry have been pressing Israel to accept an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire.

 The US has made little progress in achieving that objective. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised speech Monday that his country must be ready for “a prolonged campaign” against Hamas in Gaza.

 As Kerry returned from the region over the weekend, Israeli media commentators leveled almost nonstop criticism of his attempts to bring Qatar and Turkey — two countries viewed by Israel as strong Hamas supporters — into the cease-fire negotiations. Kerry was also accused of abandoning some of Israel’s key demands during the negotiations, including demilitarizing Gaza.

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Mike Huckabee Burns the Base, Endorses Lamar Alexander for Senate in Tennessee

I don’t trust him.  I have never trusted him.  And here’s yet another example of why…

More from Breitbart:

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee angered his Facebook fans after endorsing Sen. Lamar Alexander against conservative state Representative Joe Carr last month.

Carr has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham for the August 7th primary. And Carr has been relentlessly hammering Alexander for voting for the Senate’s amnesty bill even after law enforcement officials warned Alexander that it would lure more illegal immigrants from Central America.

Nearly every one of close to 450 comments beneath Huckabee’s announcement on his Facebook page blasts Huckabee for supporting Alexander. One Huckabee fan said, “We supported and worked hard to get Governor Huckabee delegates when he ran in TN. His endorsement of Lamar with his liberal voting record is both an insult and disappointment.” Another supporter wrote, “With this endorsement, you lose my support and funds!” The Huckabee fan said that “Alexander has repeatedly proven himself … to be as bad a rino and sellout to the conservative cause as” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and singled out his support for “amnesty over simple enforcement of existing laws.”

Here is a sampling of the blowback from Huckabee’s own supporters in the past month, exactly as they appear on Facebook:

  • Are you serious? You are not the conservative I thought you were. Lamar Alexander is the most liberal republican in the state of Tennessee.
  • We supported and worked hard to get Governor Huckabee delegates when he ran in TN. His endorsement of Lamar with his liberal voting record is both an insult and disappointment.
  • I guess your true colors are now showing. Supporting a liberal, which ever the way the wind blows part of the problem, Republican. Sorry can’t trust who you are supporting.

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Chuck Todd Says Americans have Obama Fatigue

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Of course, I was tired of him since before day 1. But I digress…

From Free Beacon:

MSNBC host Chuck Todd said the American people are “fatigued” from President Barack Obama Monday on Morning Joe, in the wake of a poll showing Republican Mitt Romney would trounce him in a rematch of the 2012 election.

Co-host Thomas Roberts called the poll evidence of “voter’s remorse” for sending Obama back to the White House. Obama defeated Romney in 2012 with 51 percent of the popular vote, but the CNN poll showed Romney winning 53-44 this time. Obama has low numbers with voters in a variety of areas, including his handling of the border crisis, foreign policy and the economy.

Todd pointed out Obama’s average job rating in states with competitive 2014 Senate races was 38 percent.

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Outstanding Clip: Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s Baby First to Survive Potter’s Syndrome

This made my day! “Only God knows the end”.

More info on Potter’s Syndrome

With 99 Days to Go, NRSC Confident of Taking the Senate

I really wish the elections were today.  A lot can happen in 3 months…

From the NRSC:

Good morning folks,

In March, 2013, NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran sat with the Wall Street Journal and outlined our strategy to win a Senate Majority. “The last election taught us that candidates matter,” he said. “We can’t simply take a hands-off approach and say it doesn’t matter to us.”  Sixteen months later, today the Journal reports that “strong Republican candidates” have boosted Republican chances for taking the Senate.

In other words, we’ve stuck to our plan which has put us in a position to win. Patrick O’Connor writes in today’s Journal, “A battery of recent polling shows Republican candidates mounting competitive bids for at least 10 Senate seats now held by Democrats, including in Iowa and Colorado, states that have been leaning Democratic in recent years. Many Republican candidates have narrowed their opponents’ fundraising advantage, according to the latest campaign-finance reports. And a series of international crises has dealt the president some of the lowest approval marks of his second term, weighing on his party’s candidates.” Over the weekend, CBS News reported that, “A new CBS News/New York Times Battleground Tracker estimate finds the Republicans positioned to take the Senate this year, with a likely 51-49 seat edge if the November election were held right now. …Based on the current data, the simulation gives the GOP a 70 percent chance to win control.”

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Gallup Shows Opposition to Israel Primarily from Uneducated Democrats

Go figure…

From PJMedia:

Gallup has released a new poll on Americans’ opinions of the conflict in Gaza. It’s no surprise that Republicans tend to side with Israel, and Democrats tend to believe that Israel’s military actions against Hamas are unjustified. Fully 47% of Democrats take that view, compared with just 31% who back Israel. That, plus independent voters’ ambivalence toward Israel, helps explain why the Obama administration is not backing Israel more strongly than calling for a (now rejected) cease-fire. Their base does not back Israel.

The educational differences on the issue are found in this chart.


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Benjamin Netanyahu Confronts David Gregory Over Claim of Israel Targeting a U.N. School

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The press has been getting jack-slapped all week and are finally waking up.  Okay, they aren’t as evidenced here…

From MRC:

The NBC host began his line of questioning by lamenting “about the price to Israel, [in] this ongoing conflict. The staggering number of dead civilians on the Palestinian side in Gaza” before falsely claiming that Israel had deliberately targeted a U.N. school in Gaza. Gregory continued to distort the facts in the case and wondered “was this a mistake on the part of Israel even though the U.N. says this was clearly marked and that the Israeli forces knew the GPS coordinates of this school?”  

For his part, Netanyahu called out Gregory’s misleading line of questioning and pushed back:

Hamas is responsible for the death of civilians. We’re not targeting a single civilian. We’re responding to Hamas action and we’re telling the civilians to leave. Hamas is telling them to stay. Why is it telling them to stay? Because it wants to pile up their own dead bodies. They not only want to kill our people, they want to sacrifice their own people.

As the segment continued, the Israeli Prime Minister continued to condemn Gregory’s accusations:

We still do not target schools. These schools, the [sic] of these schools were used to attack us. Our forces responded, but our initial investigation now doesn’t show that it’s our fire, it actually shows that it may have been Hamas rocket fire. That’s still being investigated.

But the important thing to understand is that the reason we have civilians killed is not because Israel is targeting civilians but because Hamas is using civilians as human shields. We use missiles to protect our people. They use their people to protect their missiles.

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In New CNN Poll Romney Would Beat Obama 53-44 If Election Were Held Now


mitt romney photoBut not if it were the Hillionaire?  Interesting poll nonetheless…

From CNN:

Washington (CNN) - If a rematch of the 2012 presidential election were held today, GOP nominee Mitt Romney would top President Barack Obama in the popular vote, according to a new national survey.

But a CNN/ORC International poll also indicates that if Romney changes his mind and runs again for the White House, Hillary Clinton would best him by double digits in a hypothetical showdown.

The survey, released Sunday morning, also suggests that more Americans see Clinton as a strong and capable leader than those who feel the same way about Obama. But Clinton’s numbers on five personal characteristics have slightly edged down the past few months.

And the poll points to a jump the past month in support among Republicans for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

How Romney fares

According to the poll, if the 2012 election were somehow held again, Romney would capture 53% of the popular vote, with the President at 44%. Obama beat Romney 51%-47% in the popular vote in the 2012 contest. And he won the all-important Electoral College by a wider margin, 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206.

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If Godfather Rahm Wants the Illegals, Let’s Give Him All of Them

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I mean, as long as he is asking right?

From Fox News:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former Obama administration chief of staff, wants to expand the city’s efforts to house young illegal immigrants from Central America, reportedly proposing to shelter an additional 1,000 of them by year’s end.

“The influx of unaccompanied child migrants is a growing humanitarian crisis that we can no longer ignore,” said Emanuel, according to The Chicago Tribune. “While we have our own challenges at home, we cannot turn our backs on children that are fleeing dangerous conditions.”

The mayor’s office says the federal government will pay for the youths’ shelter, education, health care, food, safety and social services.

However, officials are trying to get Chicago lawyers to provide free legal services for the youths, who arrived in hopes of staying with U.S. relatives but now face federal deportation hearings.

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Jon Voigt Blasts Obama and Kerry at Pro-Israel Rally


My favorite actor, Jon Voigt.  Nails!!